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Be a product
We analyze practical issues of beginners and experienced products, help with career track and show life hacks that work in large companies.
Cases, practice, open discussions. No cuts.
8 live-webinars in Zoom
all recordings are available beyond
1-29 November
5 Tuesdays in a row, 18:00-20:00
from ₹9.900
What we can help with
No personal growth 😔
You haven't received a raise for a long time or your salary is growing very slowly. You are not trusted with new cool and ambitious directions.
I have no a career plan 🤔
You don't know what the next career step is. Everything seems to be in order, but there is no clear plan. You're going with the flow.
Bad communications with manager and stakeholders 🤬
The manager hints to you that you are not coping, or you yourself feel some kind of tension.
Want to be successful 😎
I don't fully understand what is required of me and whether I fit the role of a product.
Product courses are not applicable to my case 🤦
In fact, product management in different companies is very different, the same role may imply completely different responsibilities and required skills.In fact, product management in different companies is very different, the same role may imply completely different responsibilities and required skills.
Find work-life balance 😵
You work like a slave on a galley, but you don't have time to restore energy. You feel a strong imbalance.
Who we are
Dima Tverdohlebov
Worked as a senior product at Yandex (Ya.Services >30 million MAU) and YouDo
Launched a mobile video service in the US market
Helped 50+ teams launch a product, grow metrics, and enter new markets

The Equator Platform manages the product, helping to develop the business of more than half a million entrepreneurs in Russia.
The current tracker and mentor of MSU Skolkovo and the Foundation for the Development of Internet Initiatives
Lecturer at the Higher School of Economic
Ilya Zabelin
Led the product transformation of the Savings Bank. He has grown from a product coach to a managing director. He left the Savings Bank from the position of the head of the Grocery Office.
I have been launching and developing products at Yandex for 5 years - I came to Yandex without any experience in product management and rose to the head of monetization / leader of the direction
Trained more than 1.5 thousand products
Was a developer in various companies and engaged in offline business

Lecturer at the Higher School of Economics
Founder and CEO at the DAU / MAU - Product Bureau
Founder of the startup Safity
— The role of a product manager in the modern world, depending on the company, product and other factors
— Self-assessment according to the main parameters of the product (thinking, hard-skills and soft-skills)

What will you take away:
Individual development track
1 November
17:00 - 19:00
Product Mindset
— Principles of systems thinking and how it helps to make products
— Examples of product failures due to cognitive distortions
— Train your thinking

What will you take away:

Product decision-making framework
8 November
17:00 - 19:00
— How does the product not burn out (or do it under control)?
— How to change eating habits, sleep and physical activity quickly and without kickbacks?
— Secret guest guru*

What will you take away:
3 individual options for energy pumping and a set of top practices
15 November
17:00 - 19:00
HypothesYs testing
— Hypothesis testing framework
— Analysis of non-standard cases
— Different approaches to hypothesis testing in startups and corporations

What will you take away:
Design an experiment to test your hypothesis and maybe even have time to check something
22 November
17:00 - 19:00
— Alternative development tracks for the product
— Product and responsibility
— How much do products earn?
— 5 simple steps how to forget your career

What will you take away:
3 individual career growth and compensation tips
29 November
17:00 - 19:00
— Invited product guru from US*
— Where to go to the product from the Russian Federation?
— Features of interviews in Europe and the USA
— Resume preparation and LinkedIn

What will you take away:
Checklist for finding a job with relocation
5 December
17:00 - 19:00
— Product strategy and tactics
— Qualitative research and user segmentation
— Metrics and data-based decision-making, quantitative research
— Product economics and business models
— Working with the team and the backlog
— Features of product work in corporations
12 December
17:00 - 19:00
— Secret bonus track*
— Analyze each of the products of the "Participants"
— Answer the remaining questions

What you will take away:
Certificate of successful completion of the intensive
19 December
17:00 - 19:00
Intensive to boost your career
100% refund guarantee after the first webinar without explanation, if suddenly you don't like something. But there was no reason yet :)

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recordings are always available after intensive
private chat of participants
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